REACH Project

The REACH Project is a research study investigating the genetics of brain development in children and adolescents. This is a wonderful opportunity for your family to contribute to research that directly relates to your child's development.

We hope to learn more about how changes in genes influence the brain and in what ways these genetic variations may contribute to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Front Page News

Learn more about current research by REACH investigators!

New study by the REACH Project finds that autism genes are prone to mutation.

Check out this video about the Autism Discovery Institute at Rady Children's Hospital!

Get involved in REACH!

Participation includes a 1 hour appointment with:

  • Completion of questionnaires by parents
  • Non-invasive 3D picture of each participant
  • Simple blood draw

As a thank you, families receive:

  • $20 gift cards
  • Prize for children

Contact us for more information!