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Get Involved

Your child may be eligible to participate in the REACH Project if he or she:

Is above the age of 3, AND has been evaluated for or is being treated for ASD.

Involvement includes: 

Approximately 1 hour of your family's time, with: 

1. Completion of questionnaires by parent/caregiver 
2. 3-D pictures of each family member
3. Simple blood draw

Participants receive: 

$20 gift cards, small prize for children, and validated parking. 

Participation FAQs: 

Where does my appointment take place?

Our 3D camera is located within the main campus of Rady Children's Hospital at 3030 Children's Way San Diego, CA 92123.

Our blood draws are performed at the Rady Children's Hospital Blood Lab, which is located in the Rose Pavilion at 3030 Children's Way San Diego, CA 92123.

What kind of picture is taken?

Our 3dMD camera generates a digital 3D image of your child's head that can be used to obtain craniofacial measurements. The image is non-invasive and involves no radiation or magnetism.  The camera is safe to use with cochlear implants, hearing devices, and dental braces.

Each image only takes a few seconds and we typically take 3-5 images. To generate the best quality images, we ask participants to remove their glasses and/or earrings, and for participants with long hair, to tie their hair away from their faces.

Can you tell me about the blood draw?

The blood draw is very quick and is the shortest part of your appointment. The phlebotomists at the Rady Children's Blood Lab are exceptionally experienced in working with children and adolescents with special needs or sensory issues. For each participant, we only draw 5.0 mL of blood, which is about a tablespoon.

Ready to participate?

Email or call our study coordinator at (858) 576-1700 x3638 to set up an appointment today. We generally hold appointments between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

Making a trip to Rady Children's Hospital in the near future? We would be more than happy to couple participation in our study to an existing appointment on the Rady Campus.

Visiting the Rady Children's Blood Lab any time soon? To minimize the number of pokes a child has to undergo, we can very easily put in orders for our blood draw to take place in conjunction with a draw for medical reasons.

Need more information?

Please call or email us if you would like to be contacted with more information about participation in the REACH Project.