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Want to find out more about the REACH Project in the community? Follow the links below to learn about our investigators’ research.


Local Press:

Union Tribune. "Gene mutation linked to schizophrenia identified."

National Press:

NPR's All Things Considered:

2011. "Researchers link gene mutation to schizophrenia."

2008. "Genetic link to schizophrenia discovered."

2007. "Cause of autism narrowed down to 100 genes."

Recent Publications from our Study Investigators: 

Neuronal peptide signaling is altered in Schizophrenia, providing a potential target for developing new antipsychotic drugs.
Vacic, V., [28 authors], Sebat, J. (2011). Duplications of the neuropeptide receptor gene 
VIPR2 confer significant risk for schizophrenia. Nature. 

Spontaneous genetic variations not present in a child's parents are found to be a significant risk factor for ASD.
Sebat, J. et al. (2007). Strong association of de novo copy number mutations with 
autism. Science, 316(5823), 445-9.

Taking a look at RCHSD's Alexa's PLAYC (formerly The Toddler School), 10 years after it's establishment.
Akshoomoff, N., Stahmer, A., Corsello, C., Mahrer, N. (2010). What happens next? 
Follow-up from the children's toddler school program. Journal of Positive Behavior 
Interventions, 12(4), 245-53.