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Data from our group

  • Illumina WGS dataset on 10 quad families, consisting of monozygotic twins concordant for ASD and their parents (Michaelson et al., Cell 2012) has been submitted to the National Database for Autism Research.
  • Genome wide estimates of site specific mutability (Michealson et al, Cell 2012). Mutability index (MI) values for each position in the (hg18) genome are hereThey are bundled by chromosome, and each .Rdata file (an R workspace file) contains an Rle object called 's', which contains the MI values. The log10 MI has been multiplied by 100 (to facilitate being stored as integers).  If you were divide by 100, a value of 0 indicates a prediction of ~ genome average mutation rate, and 1 and -1 represent, respectively, a 10x increase and 10x decrease in mutation rate relative to the genome average (since again these are on the log10 scale).
  • Copy Number Variant calls on the PGC study of schizophrenia (Marshall et al. in preparation).
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